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Home & Community Options
66 East Third Street, Winona, MN 55987

Home and Community Options, Inc., provides support and residential services to people with developmental disabilities. These services are developed by the individual and their support team and financed by a variety of funding sources. The programs of HCO include 24-hour residential care settings, a 24-unit apartment complex funded by HUD, programs to support people who live semi-independently, and support services for those who live with their families. All services are designed to build skills, maximize growth, and allow individuals to maintain both independence and self-sufficiency. In-home services and two resource homes are also available to give family caregivers a break by providing respite care to individuals when they are away from home. Most individuals of employment age participate in either supported work programs or are employed by local community businesses.

Home and Community Options fundamental goals are to provide quality services that maximize independence and to allow individuals to live happy and productive lives in the community close to family and friends